The following presentations for Midwest Scholars 2011 are arranged by academic track. Select a title to view the presentation material.

P-12 Practices & Research

Best practices in P-12 education and research on learning and instruction in primary and secondary education, e.g. technology and evidence-based instructional design.

  • Community Based Mentoring and School Attendance
  • National Guard Children - The Unidentified At-Risk
  • Preparing High School Students for College: A Multi-Modal Group Approach
  • Situational Leadership Theory in the Classroom

Issues in Higher Education

Assessment, innovative teaching techniques, and problem solving activities in post-secondary education.

  • A New Spin on Engaging Distance Faculty
  • Adults Around the World: Is Global Studies an Option?
  • Black Diaspora in Higher Education: A Discussion of Methods for Engaging & Promoting Student Success Among Black Male Students
  • Building Community in a Non-Traditional Environment
  • Decisions - Decisions…Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research Methods
  • FERPA and Today
  • Impact of Adult Degree Programs on the Organizational Climate of Christian
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Implementing Active Learning Strategies in the Business Classroom
  • Mysteries of Grant Writing Solved!
  • Steps in Planning and Writing a Course
  • Teaching Critical Thinking Dispositions
  • Win One "Communication Strategies for Innovative Teaching Improvements"
  • World Changers From the Inside Out

Technology & E-Learning

The challenges of bringing technology to the classroom or learning online.

Business & Leadership

Research findings and creative practices focusing on business or leadership.

Faith & Theology

The interaction of faith and education as addressed in larger theological questions.

Liberal Arts

Enlightening presentations of the traditional Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, and/or Criminal Justice.

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