June 6-9, 2022 at Indiana Wesleyan University

This.” A word that is a part of our everyday language. A word that brings us to a specific moment, a specific student, and specific direction. In this unprecedented season for higher education and this world, we find ourselves reminded of the sacredness of this work. And we do not do it alone. We work together in seen and unseen ways to offer transformative experiences for students.

So what does it mean to be a part of this? What does it mean to be called to this? Yes, we could be called to the work, but we are called to this work. We could be called to a team, but we’re called to this team. Instead of always looking forward to the future and wondering “if,” what if we could be drawn to the presence and necessity of this.

Let’s gather together again to encourage and restore one another to the goodness of this work. ACSD 2022: This.

Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953