The IWU MSW program uses an online electronic field software system called Tevera.

Tevera Will Allow You To

  • Search for approved field sites in your area that complement your professional interests and personal strengths.
  • Complete your IWU field application and preliminary assignments.
  • Apply for and confirm your field placements online.
  • Track your hours toward graduation and licensure after graduation
  • Run time tracking reports for your field instructors to sign.
  • Automate the process for submitting course field assignments, site evaluations, and other program assessments during your practicum.

When it comes time for your field application process to begin, you will receive an email from Tevera asking you to register as a user.

Please Take These Important Steps

  1. Watch this video to get an overview of Tevera’s benefits.
  2. Add to your Contacts to ensure that you receive the registration email.
  3. When you receive the invitation, you will need to register to apply for field placement, log your hours and activities toward graduation and licensure, and submit evaluations and other assignments.
  4. Once you’ve registered, take a look at the training videos and articles about the Student Journey on Tevera’s site to understand better how Tevera helps you complete your most important tasks.

Best Practices for Accessing Tevera

  • Access the Tevera link and complete any forms using Chrome
  • Use a desktop instead of your phone or other non-mobile device
  • Log in from home if you are having problems connecting from your workspace.
  • Pass along the following link to your IT department to request their assistance if you are having trouble receiving Tevera email or accessing the link to due to possible firewall issues. 

Tevera Instructions for Field Applications and Site Requests and Approval

After you receive your invitation to register for Tevera, you should begin the Field Education application and site search, request, and approval process.