General Field Practicum Information

Field Education is a vital component of completing the MSW program with Indiana Wesleyan University. The Council on Social Work Education considers Field Education the signature pedagogy of social work education as it allows students to apply knowledge, values, and skills in practice to achieve competency as a Master’s level social worker.

Students, in the 24-month standard track, begin field placement approximately four months after beginning the MSW program. Advanced standing and 33-month standard track students begin field approximately six months after starting their program. Hybrid cohort students begin field experiences in January. Applications for admission to field are due 3 months in advance of the start of the practicum. Students in the 24-month track and hybrid cohort are required to submit their initial application within the first month after beginning the program and should be prepared to begin planning for their practicum experience upon starting the program. Students are notified and provided information regarding the field application process by the MSW Field department before the application due dates which are as follows:

  • February 1 – for students starting their field practicum in May
  • June 1 – for students starting their field practicum in August
  • October 1 – for students starting their field practicum in January

Because the MSW program is an online program covering many geographic areas, please be aware that students are required to take the lead in identifying and securing their practicum sites. The MSW program uses a field platform called Tevera to provide a database of available sites previously used by students to assist them in locating site. Students may also identify sites independently. The Director of Field Experiences will work with students to ensure a plan is in place that will assist in successfully locating a site. Students should reach out early to the field department for guidance as needed.

Field Documents and Resources

To learn more about the IWU MSW Field Education program, please see the MSW Field Practicum Manual attached. This manual provides all the information students need regarding the program, including required hours, agency and supervisor requirements, responsibilities, and key assignments.

Also, to assist students in identifying and selecting appropriate sites, students can use the attached, Guidelines for Identifying a Field Placement and Field Placement Student Initial Site Review Form to help them locate and evaluating a suitable placement site.

If you have specific questions regarding Field Experiences before or after acceptance to the program, please contact the Field Department at


Documents to help prepare you for your agency search and practicum field experience: