Indiana Wesleyan University's Undergraduate Electives courses are a great way to gain college credit and are designed for students who:

  • are already in a core group at IWU and need additional college credits to graduate.
  • want to gain additional credits to begin one of our accelerated degree programs.
  • attend another college, but need to take one or more electives.
  • want to take a few courses for personal growth or skill development, or to expand their knowledge.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Undergraduate Elective courses is $322.00 per credit hour for onsite classes and $325.00 per credit hour for online classes. The cost of textbooks and other materials varies by course and is subject to change with classes starting in January and in July. Textbooks and class materials will be shipped to you approximately 7 days prior to class start (book costs are higher for shipments outside of the 48 contiguous United States). In rare cases when a late registration is allowed, a $50 late fee will be added.

Unclassified Admission and Financial Aid

Students who want to take certain courses for special reasons, but are not pursuing a university degree, may be accepted for a maximum of 18 hours. These students are granted an unclassified status and must reapply for regular admission if they desire later to enter a degree program. Students who are taking a course that requires a prerequisite will need to provide a copy of their transcript, that includes the completion of these requirements, prior to registration. Unclassified students are not eligible for financial aid.

Unclassified students should complete the Unclassified Elective Registration Form.

Class Meeting Times

Onsite weekday classes meet from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturday classes meet from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. You will be notified if there is a change in your class site. There are usually homework assignments due the first night of class. IWU reserves the right to change class sites and instructors as the need arises.

Online courses are asynchronous, meaning that you can log on anytime throughout the day. You can work from your home, from the office, or even while traveling - all within the framework of your personal schedule.

Add-On Classes

Add-on classes may be arranged if a class is requested by at least six (6) students.

Registration Confirmation

Class size is limited, so REGISTER EARLY! Once payment has been received, a receipt will be available through the web portal (Data Connect).

ART-134 - Camera Requirements

The required materials for this course include:

  • Camera with manual adjustments for ISO, focus, shutter speed, and aperture settings.
  • Your camera's user manual for your specific camera. (Required - no exceptions. PDF manuals are usually available on the manufacturer's website. An readily accessible electronic file copy is permitted).
  • All cables necessary for image file transfer to computer.
  • A USB flash drive of no less than 4 GB for transferring images and presentations.
  • An appropriate flash for your camera (built in is fine).
  • Fully charged batteries for each workshop.
  • A small camera bag or means of protecting your camera.
  • A sturdy tripod.
  • A clipboard or small spiral notebook to record aperture and shutter reading of each photo.

Students are responsible for the cost of film, processing, and printing or conversion into digital files. (NOTE: Area camera stores may rent this equipment. Availability varies by location. Cell phone and pocket style cameras are not permitted.)

BIS-225 - Required Software

Students must have one of the following versions of Microsoft Office 2010:
Office Professional 2010
Office Professional Plus 2010
Office Professional Academic 2010

NOTE: The following Office editions DO NOT fulfill the software requirement: Office Starter, Office Home and Student, Office Home and Business, or Office Standard. Make sure the edition of Office 2010 you have installed comes with all four of the required applications for this course: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. If you need to purchase the correct software, fill out the online form to access IWU's online software store:

If you are interested in purchasing Microsoft Office 2010 software, you will find helpful information at:

Students with Disabilities

Please refer to the IWU Catalog for complete guidelines.

Change of Address/Personal Information

Students should notify the University of any change of address, telephone number, or name. P.O. Box numbers are not acceptable. Update your information.

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