An add-on class may be arranged if the class is requested by at least six (6) students (minimum of 8-10 weeks for processing). These classes are subject to enrollment, faculty, site availability, and scheduled courses. Please keep in mind that your request for this class is a commitment. We will honor that commitment by contracting a site and an instructor for this class. Your completed registration form is needed for the success of this class.

To request a projected add-on class, complete the Request Form by following these steps:

  1. Before the form is submitted to IWU, have all students check with Financial Aid (800-621-8667, ext. 2516) and ask the following:
    • Am I going to have funds available for the add-on class?
    • Will it affect my disbursement dates or decrease incoming funds in any way?
  2. Fill in all requested information for each student, including name, address, daytime phone number, and core group number.

When at least 6 students are listed, we will start the "Add-On" process. Once the class has been approved and the code assigned, a registration form will be mailed to each student listed on the request. Also, area class reps will be notified. Each student must return the signed registration form along with payment to be officially registered for the class.

NOTE: Co-workers and friends who are not IWU students but who may want to take the add-on class also may do so after filling out an Application for Unclassified Students

Indiana Wesleyan University holds classes throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, as well as online. See our Locations page for more information about potential class locations.


Last updated: 09/14/2016