Practicum Introduction

As part of the Bachelor of Addictions Counseling degree at IWU, each student will be required to complete a practicum experience whereby you will engage in on-site learning via an agency or center focused on addictions practice. This practicum will provide opportunity for you to receive constructive feedback and continual supervision as you gain experience in a professional counseling setting. Your practicum will also be done in conjunction with four online courses, ADC 471, 472, 473, and 474. These courses allow students to have additional input from an IWU faculty member (conducted via web-video for an hour each week) in addition to their field supervisor. Students may also enjoy the opportunity to share field experiences with classmates as well as present cases to obtain input from both faculty and students.

Basic Practicum Requirements

  • Each student will be required to complete 350 hours of practicum experience within an approved addictions facility.
  • The required 350 hours are spread over the course of nearly 20 weeks and is divided into four courses (listed above) that are each five weeks in length
  • Weekly practicum hour requirement = 17.5 hours. This will ensure that each student meets the 350 hour requirement by the end of the last practicum course.
  • Each practicum site is unique and has specific requirements. Please be aware that you may be required to do the following
    • Submit to a background check
    • Sit for a pre-practicum interview
    • Undergo a drug screening
    • Obtain student liability insurance
  • You will receive e-mail notification approximately 6 months prior to the start of your first practicum course (ADC 471). This means that your practicum is just around the corner and you will need to provide/identify 3 possible addictions facilities in your area along with relevant contact information for consideration and approval from IWU.
  • Students will be expected to check their IWU issued email frequently, as this will be our primary means of communication while we are securing your practicum site. Student participation and frequent communication in the process of finding a site is key.