General Education Requirements

In addition to the regular core curriculum (major), a 24-credit general education core is required of associate students enrolled in IWU-National and Global education programs. This 24-credit general education core includes:

  • Three semester credits in Biblical Studies.
  • Six semester credits in English Written Communication.
  • Three semester credits in English Oral Communication.
  • Six semester credits in Social or Behavioral Sciences or Arts and Humanities.
  • Three semester credits in Mathematics.
  • Three semester credits in Natural Sciences.

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General Education Learning Outcomes

  • Quantitative Reasoning: Solve mathematical problems enabling determination and communication of reasonable solutions. 
  • Speaking and Listening: Communicate effectively with diverse audiences, both verbally and non-verbally, and listen with empathy for shared understanding. 
  • Written Communication: Write clearly and effectively for a specified audience and purpose. 
  • Humanistic and Artistic: Interpret the aesthetic properties of creative artistic forms as living abundantly. 
  • Scientific: Apply qualitative and quantitative methods to gather data and generate evidence‐based conclusions. 
  • Social and Behavioral: Compare and contrast contending interpretations for social, behavioral, or historical phenomena. 
  • Integration of Faith: Apply tenets of the Christian faith to the thinking, dispositions, and actions that form their character.