The course requirements below may be met through transfer of credit from military training and experience on a JST or CCAF transcript, or off-duty education from regionally accredited institutions. To meet the residency requirement 15 semester hours must be completed at IWU.

Foundational Courses - 3 credit hours


General Education - 15 credit hours

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  • Written Communication - 6 credit hours
  • Humanities - 3 credit hours
  • Bible - 3 credit hours
  • Mathematics - 3 credit hours

Business, Management, or Communication Courses

9 credit hours - IWU courses include:

Political Science or Public and National Security Courses

12 credit hours - IWU courses include:

Capstone - 3 credit hours


Military Track

  • Occupational Studies - 18 credit hours required
    • MOS/Rate non-duplicative JST/CCAF credit

First Responder Track

  • Occupational Studies - 12 credit hours required
    • Law enforcement or fire academy, first responder, or a recognized national, state, county or municipal training council academy transcript/certification
  • Elective - 6 credit hours required

TOTAL - 60 credit hours required for graduation