best places to study for online students

Best Places to Study for Online Students

Pursuing a degree online has a lot of benefits, like working at your own pace and dictating your own study schedule. When you’re not on a campus, though, it can be hard to find a good place to study. If your home feels too confining, consider these alternatives in your community.

Local Coffee Shop
Have you explored the locally owned coffee joints in your hometown? Studying at a coffee shop is a great way to change your scenery and get some caffeine, and the everyday bustle of a café is a nice alternative to using the television or radio as background noise. Most local coffee shops have both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy them year-round. Find a place near you – and if you feel adventurous, try a different one every week. 

Coworking Space
Coworking spaces are neutral locations where people gather to work on independent projects. They often function in a membership format, which means you pay a small fee in exchange for internet access, a place to work, and a community of people. Most coworking spaces offer day passes, which are much cheaper than monthly dues. Everyone in a coworking space is focused on their respective tasks, so you have less distractions than you would in a coffee shop – but you still get to interact with others.

Public Library
If you like the idea of a coworking space but not the idea of paying for it, your local public library is the prime study spot for you. You might think libraries are only good for checking out books, but that’s only half the story. Hidden behind the stacks of books, you’ll find plenty of work desks and comfy chairs that are perfect for homework. Many libraries also have private study rooms that you can reserve for free.

Nearby Park
If you’re doing homework that doesn’t require internet access, you can find a bench or a picnic table at a local park. Studies show that spending time outdoors changes the structure of our brains and improves our moods. Public parks are free to explore, so next time you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work on your plate, take your books outside for a (literal) breath of fresh air.

Friend’s House
Sometimes, you don’t need a public, bustling place – but you still want to get out of your house. Connect with a friend who works remotely or takes online classes to see if you can work together. You’ll be surprised at how getting away from your home can help you focus.

Start Studying
Are you ready to change your surroundings and increase your productivity? Find a new study spot this week and share it with us on social media by tagging us @iwuglobal. To see more tips and resources, check out the rest of our blog.

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