The following resources and policies will assist you in understanding how financial aid works and in completing the financial aid process at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Consumer Information

As a student at Indiana Wesleyan University, you have specific rights and responsibilities with respect to financial aid, attendance, refunds and repayments, campus crime statistics, and drug abuse prevention.

Managing Student Loans

The following resources can help you understand the options, requirements, and timetables for repaying your student loans:

Online Loan Exit Counseling

Federal student loan regulations require the completion of Exit Counseling. This online process will give you the opportunity to estimate your monthly loan payment and create a budget. It will also review your rights and responsibilities, interest rates and loan terms, and repayment options.

Helpful Websites

While we hope to provide you with a great amount of information regarding financial aid right on this website, there are some other websites that we believe you may find useful in navigating and maximizing your aid.

Hope Scholarship (1098-T) and Lifetime Learning Credit

The federal government offers several tax benefits for families who are saving for, or already paying, higher education costs or are repaying student loans. There are also benefits related to employer-provided educational assistance and qualified state tuition programs. Whether a taxpayer may take advantage of these benefits depends on the taxpayer's individual facts and circumstances:

Additional Policies

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