Welcome to Indiana Wesleyan University. If you’re one of the many students affected by the recent school closure, we’re sorry to hear of the unexpected challenge you have been faced with. We know you have some difficult decisions to make about your education, and IWU is here to help. We’re experienced in helping displaced students successfully complete their degrees. 

Indiana Wesleyan University is offering displaced students a 15% tuition discount on all IWU–National & Global programs. Displaced students can satisfy a large portion of their IWU degree through transfer credit. Our generous transfer policy allows students to transfer up to 85% of their undergraduate degree and 75% of their graduate degree, entering IWU with an advanced standing. See the Indiana Wesleyan University - Transfer of Credit Policy for more information.

Don’t let recent setbacks hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about our degree programs and continue your journey towards success. Find your way forward with Indiana Wesleyan University.

IWU has a program for you!
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