Our alumni are our greatest representatives. Not only have they completed their degree at IWU, but they’ve succeeded in reaching their goals and gained valuable wisdom to share.

We’re proud of the legacy that our alumni are leaving around the world. That’s why we’re looking for passionate alumni who are willing and motivated to learn more about IWU National & Global and share information on their social media profiles.

Become an IWU ambassador.

This is a low-commitment position. Ambassadors will receive a monthly “IWU Update” email with important IWU National & Global news about programs, events and growth. This email will include the most current information about IWU’s programs, facilities, faculty, students, and more! Additionally, throughout the year, ambassadors will be invited to university, alumni and press events.

Ambassadors will also receive:

  • A welcome package with unique IWU merchandise
  • Special social media coaching sessions for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Access to a network of like-minded alumni who are now active professionals in their respective fields
  • Monthly IWU updates
  • Invitations to exclusive university, alumni and press events.


Sound like something you’re interested in? Fill out an application to become an ambassador now!