Camryn Bobiak

Admissions Counselor

Serving students in the northeast United States and Ohio. Specific states: CT, DC, DE, MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, OH, RI, VT

From Camryn...

Hey there! My name is Camryn Bobiak and I serve as an admissions counselor here at Indiana Wesleyan! I graduated with a degree in psychology and a minor in photography. I am super excited to walk alongside students as they consider Indiana Wesleyan as their future home! Please reach out if you need anything at all. 😊

A Bit About Camryn

I love the student life on campus! There is a super welcoming atmosphere here and a place for everyone to find a sense of belonging. I also love mconn because it is a place to sip on coffee, meet up with friends, or get some homework done.
I love to go on walks when the weather is nice! I also love to go to sporting events or set a blanket outside and sit on the lawn with friends.

I love having the opportunity to help students make that important next step in their lives, whether that be at IWU or not.

We have a really impactful spiritual presence here on campus. I had opportunities to grow in my faith during chapel, small groups, class, and even in my resident's hall.
My High School Bible teacher had a really positive impact on me. He taught me how to apply scripture to every aspect of my life. He was always there to be an advice giver and he was a super intentional listener. I am encouraged to make my students feel seen as he always made me feel seen.
I like to visit new coffee shops, work on my photography business, play pickle ball, and travel! I also love anything that involves being outside.
As a person who struggles with making big decisions, I would advise students to trust God and His plans for your life. You cannot mess up the plans He has for you, and He will use you no matter where you end up. Any decision you make is the right one for you.