The Graduate School is an umbrella (or halo) organization that has policy-making authority over the various graduate programs of Indiana Wesleyan University, including faculty, staff, administrators and students. Each graduate program is housed in an IWU College or School that is closely related to its respective discipline, with all of the graduate programs falling under the umbrella of the policies and procedures for graduate-level education that are developed in the Graduate School.

The Graduate School operates on the basis of seven Guiding Principles, seven common constructs from which our graduate programs work:

  1. The Graduate School will relate to all graduate programs of the University, regardless of the Principle Academic Unit in which an individual program is housed.
  2. In developing policies, standards and processes for graduate programs, the Graduate School will collaborate with all appropriate IWU entities to ensure that proper attention is given to growth, quality and financial health.
  3. The Graduate School will provide support for (advocate for) graduate programs, personnel and students through coordinated strategic efforts.
  4. The Graduate School will serve in an advisory capacity on academic issues related to graduate programs, personnel and students.
  5. The Graduate School will provide academic accountability for graduate programs.
  6. The Graduate School will provide a source of identity for all graduate programs, personnel and students.
  7. The Graduate School will not be in charge of operations for graduate programs, but will collaborate in determining operational principles and procedures.

Dr.Joanne Barnes

Last updated: 10/24/2016