Human Subject Research

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Indiana Wesleyan University (Federalwide Assurance #00005244) is a peer-review committee charged with the responsibility of protecting the rights and welfare of humans involved in research. Indiana Wesleyan University follows the ethical principles laid out by the Belmont Report. Indiana Wesleyan University's IRB also subscribes to the "Common Rule" for the protection of human subjects found in 45 CFR 46.

The IRB reviews and approves all of IWU's research protocols involving human subjects in order to ensure compliance with laws and national standards regarding the ethical treatment of human subjects. The researcher must attain IRB approval before a study involving human subjects is conducted.

For information regarding Indiana Wesleyan University's IRB guidelines and step-by-step instructions for submitting a proposal, see the IRB Manual, IRB Guidlines for Preparation of a Proposal and IRB Proposal Form.

Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research


Institutional Review Board Members

  • Ken Bielen, Chair
  • Joanne Barnes
  • Ted Batson
  • Jeffrey Boyce
  • Connie Crump
  • Andrew Doyle
  • Debbie Drake
  • Lee Ann Hawkins
  • Becky Hoffpauir
  • Barbara Hulsman
  • Bob Mallison
  • Terry Neal
  • Tony Parandi
  • Don Sprowl
  • Keith Starcher
  • Edwin Welch

Last updated: 10/21/2016