All students accepted into the John Wesley Scholars program receive a four-year scholarship from the Honors College: a Servant Leader Scholarship. These Honors College scholarships are distributed annually as follows:

  • One student will receive a $20,000 scholarship ($5,000/ year)
  • Two students will receive a $10,000 scholarships ($2,500/ year)
  • Each additional student accepted into the John Wesley Scholars program will receive a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000/ year)
UNV-180 Fall 2009 2

The Servant Leader Scholarships are awarded in addition to general academic merit scholarships. Students who are awarded the Servant Leader Scholarship are expected to remain members in good standing within the John Wesley Scholars program and participate in student leadership on campus throughout their undergraduate years.

To be eligible to participate in the scholarship competition, students must first apply to the John Wesley Scholars Program, the Honors College's program for incoming freshmen. From among the applicants, the most qualified students will be selected to interview for the program and participate in the scholarship competition. Competition dates for 2016 include Friday, January 29 and Friday, February 19; applications are due January 9 and January 31, respectively.

Students will be evaluated based on (1) an interview with faculty members and a current Honors College student, (2) participation in a mock class discussion with an Honors College faculty member and other applicants, and 3) an essay, composed onsite and related to the topic of servant leadership. To prepare for the class discussion, students are encouraged to read Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 13 as the basis for a conversation on the nature and purpose of education. Award recipients will be notified shortly after the second competition.

The admission interview and scholarship competition day is an all-day event; students traveling from out of town are welcome to arrive the evening before for a few optional events and may stay with a current Honors College student if desired. Parent activities are also planned during the competition. Additional details about the day will be sent with an email invitation to all those who are asked to participate.

For more information about the Servant Leader Scholarship Competition, please email or call 765-677-3344. To be eligible to participate, complete your application to the John Wesley Honors College today!

Last updated: 10/21/2016