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  • Epworth Facility Usage
  • Academic Probation If the GPA of a student in the John Wesley Honors College falls below 3.5, he or she will be placed on JWHC Academic Probation. The student will be allowed to remain in the JWHC on probationary status as long as his or her GPA continues to improve, but should realize that he or she will not be able to graduate from the JWHC unless he or she obtains a GPA of 3.5 or above or unless he or she successfully petitions to graduate from the JWHC. If a student's GPA declines while on probation, the executive director of the Honors College will consult with the Honors College faculty to determine whether the student may continue in the program. The program coordinator or the executive director will contact the student to inform him or her of the faculty's decision. Students who are not allowed to remain in the John Wesley Scholars or Mary C. Dodd Honors Programs may continue to participate in the communal life of the Honors College and may petition to enroll in lower-division honors courses. However, they may not enroll in upper-division honors courses (300 level or above) or hold any student leadership positions in the Honors College (e.g., HCSA Senator, JWHC Ambassador).
  • Mandatory HCSA Meeting All students in the JWHC are members of the Honors College Student Association and are required to attend a mandatory meeting each semester. The meeting typically takes place on the second Thursday of the semester at 9:30 p.m. in Beard 150, but students should watch for an announcement sent to their IWU email account at the beginning of each semester.

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