Learning for the Sake of Wisdom and Understanding

Through creative, inquiry-based learning experiences, students in the Mary C. Dodd Honors Program engage in a transformative education that goes well beyond knowledge accumulation and career preparation. Ultimately, the purpose of the Honors College curriculum is to prepare and equip students for a lifelong cultivation of wisdom and understanding for the sake of a Christian life well-lived.

Mary Dodd CurriculumMary C. Dodd Honors Students enter the Honors College as sophomores or juniors. Both current IWU students and transfers are welcome to apply to the program. Over the course of two or three years, Mary C. Dodd Honors Students complete an Honors Humanities Minor. This interdisciplinary minor-which addresses life's great questions from the perspectives of Scripture, theology, philosophy, history, literature, psychology, sociology, the arts and more-satisfies many of a student's general education requirements at Indiana Wesleyan. The minor provides interdisciplinary preparation for a more holistic and meaningful engagement of other fields of study and thus is intended to complement the student's major.

Read more for details regarding curricular requirements of the Honors Humanities Minor and course descriptions. Because four-year plans for students enrolling in this program are highly dependent on students' prior coursework, we recommend that students meet with a JWHC advisor to determine how enrolling in the Honors Humanities Minor will impact their collegiate plans.

Last updated: 10/21/2016