Are You Ready to Embark Upon an Invigorating Path of Lifelong Learning and Servant Leadership?

Students in the John Wesley Honors College are a select group of bright and ambitious men and women who take seriously Christ's command to love God with all one's heart, soul and intellect. They desire, above all, to use their UNV-180 Fall 2009gifts and talents to make a difference in the world for Christ, and they recognize that the intensity and breadth of an interdisciplinary honors education will foster the sort of skills and virtues necessary to fulfill this life calling. The JWHC provides a learning environment in which such students can thrive as they cultivate a holistic vision of life. Students are challenged to ask tough questions, to enrich their understanding of life's complexities, and to pursue their life calling as part of God's redemptive plan for a desperately hurting world.

Through creative, inquiry-based learning experiences, students in the John Wesley Honors College engage in a transformative education that goes well beyond knowledge accumulation and career preparation. The Honors College also offers numerous co-curricular opportunities, both on and off campus, that help students to connect their learning experiences to the broader world in which they live. Ultimately, the purpose of the Honors College curriculum is to prepare and equip students for a lifelong cultivation of wisdom and understanding for the sake of a Christian life well-lived.

Collegiate Programs

Students participate the John Wesley Honors College through one of two academic tracks: the John Wesley Scholars Program or the Mary C. Dodd Honors Program. John Wesley Scholars enter the Honors College as first-semester freshmen and pursue a four-year program of coursework and co-curricular events. Mary C. Dodd Honors Students enter the Honors College as sophomores or juniors and have the opportunity to integrate various core elements of the honors curriculum into their remaining college coursework.

Summer Scholars Program in Liberal Arts and Leadership

Rising high school juniors and seniors who aspire to Christ-centered academic excellence are invited to join us on campus for our Summer Scholars Program, a three-week immersion in a Christian liberal learning community.

Applying to the JWHC

Frequently Asked Questions

You will thrive in the John Wesley Honors College if...

  • You are an academic high achiever who wants to glorify God with your intellectual gifts.
  • You are looking for an exceptional education that is rooted in Christ-centered community.
  • You thrive in small, discussion-style courses that challenge you to think creatively.
  • You are interested in assisting faculty members in innovative research projects.
  • You are eager to participate in a broad range of cultural experiences.
  • You are interested in developing an informed and compassionate global perspective.
  • You desire to join a genuine community of learners who find joy in sharing their educational journey together.

Last updated: 10/21/2016