Learning for the Sake of Wisdom and Understanding

JWS Curriculum

Through creative, inquiry-based learning experiences, students in the John Wesley Scholars Program engage in a transformative education that goes well beyond knowledge accumulation and career preparation. Ultimately, the purpose of the Honors College curriculum is to prepare and equip students for a lifelong cultivation of wisdom and understanding for the sake of a Christian life well-lived.

John Wesley Scholars enter the Honors College as freshmen and over the course of four years complete an Honors Humanities Major. This interdisciplinary major-which addresses life's great questions from the perspectives of Scripture, theology, philosophy, history, literature, psychology, sociology, the arts and more-satisfies a student's general education requirements at Indiana Wesleyan. Honors Humanities is offered as a complementary major that provides interdisciplinary preparation for a more holistic and meaningful engagement of other fields of study and thus is intended to complement a student's primary major.

For more detail, peruse the curricular requirements for the Honors Humanities Major, read course descriptions, and view a sample four-year plan. Applications to the program are accepted on a rolling basis, but students are encouraged to apply early enough to be considered for the Servant Leader Scholarship Competition.

Last updated: 10/21/2016