The purpose of the Honors Scholarship Project (HSP) is to provide students in the John Wesley Honors College with the opportunity to express the lessons of their liberal arts education in a personal and original manner. As a result, projects can include efforts such as musical compositions, short stories, illustrations and research papers. Regardless, all projects should not only express the highest ideals of one's discipline(s) but also the highest ideals of Christian scholarship. Students work one-on-one with a faculty mentor in their major to complete the project, usually during their junior or senior year. To complete the requirements for the HSP, the final project is shared with the IWU community through a public presentation by the student, usually at Celebration of Scholarship.

All forms and supporting documents must be submitted to the JWHC office in Goodman 203.

Below are some samples of our best prospectuses for use as examples:

Avelis--Annotated Bibliography
Avelis--Thesis Proposal

Forms for Faculty Mentors

Faculty mentors, use these rubrics as samples for assessing your students' work on the Honors Scholarship Project components. Your final rubrics can (and should) reflect the requirements and style of your respective discipline.

HSP Literature Evaluation Review Rubric
HSP Prospectus Sections A&D Evaluation Rubric
HSP Final Project Evaluation Rubric
HSP Final Project Evaluation Rubric (Artistic Projects)

Last updated: 02/23/2017