The purpose of Honors Forum is to expose students to a broad range of fine arts experiences in order to help them understand the important roles that aesthetic spheres of expression play in a Christian liberal education. In particular, the course challenges students to ponder the unique ways that art, music, theatre, and the literary arts can illuminate the meaning and significance of human life, intellect, and the Christian faith. The intent of such learning experiences is to help students broaden their powers of critical thinking, creativity, and discernment beyond the cognitive limits typically perpetuated by the rationalistic discourses of the modern academy. Through participation in a program of fine arts events, readings, group discussions, and reflective writing, students are equipped to appreciate aesthetic pursuits as integral to lifelong learning and the cultivation of a Christian life well-lived.

In Honors Forum (a one-credit course taken for six semesters by John Wesley Scholars), students will develop:

  • A general understanding of the fine arts and the capacity to reflect critically on artistic expressions from various cultures and periods of human history.
  • A basic proficiency in assessing the meaning and value of works of art, music, drama, poetry, etc.
  • A fundamental grasp of the contributions that aesthetics make to the goals of a liberal education.
  • A developing comprehension of the theological significance of the fine arts and its implications for pursuing a life of "faith seeking understanding."

Honors Forum Offerings

Spring 2012 Forum Events (HNR 200 Syllabus)
Fall 2011 Forum Events (HNR 200 Syllabus)

Spring 2011 Forum Events (HNR 102 Syllabus)
Spring 2011 Forum Events (HNR 200 Syllabus)

Fall 2010 Events (HNR 100 A Syllabus)
Fall 2010 Events (HNR 100 B, C, & D Syllabus)

Spring 2010 Forum Events
Fall 2009 Forum Events

Spring 2009 Forum Events
Fall 2008 Forum Events

Spring 2008 Forum Events
Fall 2007 Forum Events

Spring 2007 Forum Events
Fall 2006 Forum Events

Spring 2006 Forum Events
Fall 2005 Forum Events

Honors Forum

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