The Honors College Student Association (HCSA) is a student-run organization that exists to enrich and expand the living and learning experiences of the John Wesley Honors College at Indiana Wesleyan University. All students in the Honors College are members of the HCSA and are encouraged to take part in its activities. A student senate meets bimonthly to plan and oversee various events and gatherings for members. The senators are divided into five committees, each with their own purpose and goals:

  • The Academic Committee creates and facilitates Christ-centered academic events outside of the classroom for both students and faculty with a focus on the integration of faith and learning. This group has sponsored events such as book clubs, a chess tournament and an annual campus-wide essay contest.
  • The Spiritual Life Committee oversees the HCSA chapels (called Coram Deo), which serve as an alternative chapel venue. These chapels seek to foster spiritual growth and a sense of community among Honors College students by providing a more intimate corporate worship service. The senate chooses the speakers for these chapels based on recommendations from HCSA students.
  • The Service Committee organizes opportunities for IWU students to minister to the needs of the Grant County community. Through these opportunities, HCSA students have had the chance to serve at local churches, retirement homes, community centers, the local Boys and Girls Club, and the Marion Community Schools system.
  • The Social Activities Committee plans monthly activities that help to build community among HCSA members and faculty. While its primary purpose is to create lasting friendships among students in the John Wesley Honors College, its secondary goal is to provide multiple venues at which students can develop more personal and lasting relationships with faculty outside of academic settings. Past events include video scavenger hunts, an Oscar-like awards night for student-produced short films, student-faculty dinners and an annual end-of-year picnic.
  • The Public Relations Committee exists to help the other four committees advertise for their events. They primarily work to design fliers and emails for the sake of the events that are being planned. They also help with any graphic design work that is needed for the HCSA.

Pancake Breakfast

If you have any questions about the HCSA, please email the president at

More information about the HCSA is also available here.

Last updated: 10/21/2016