Oladele Omosegbon


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Ph.D.; M.A.




DeVoe School of Business



 Curriculum Vitae


Born of African parents, Dr. Omosegbon was raised a Christian of African character with a deep and an unwavering commitment to the family. Education is seen as the principal reliable agent of social mobility, and as such, his parents and family encouraged him to focus on schooling, hard work, honesty and selflessness. These qualities combined with the background of Christian upbringing became very handy as he transversed diverse societies in search of the golden fleece. He believes that these values made him a better student, parent and citizen.


Currently, Dr. Omosegbon is investigating the relevance of institutions in the building of economic models relating to Africa. For instance, are the models used to study Africa valid and reliable? The hallmark of his scholarship has been the ability to communicate across disciplines, especially in business and the social sciences. While this broadens his intellectual horizon, the rigors of the economic science have also brought depth and specialty to his research and overall scholarship. Dr. Omosegbon is deeply committed to the process and the realization of an economic union in Africa, via regional integration efforts, as conceived and being pursued by the African Union. He is active in professional organizations, including the American Economic Association, the African Finance and Economic Association and the Association of Christian Economists, among others.


  • PhD
    1996, Southern Illinois University
  • MA
    1992, Lakehead University
  • BSc (Hons)
    1982, University of Sokoto
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953