Lena Crouso

Associate Director Intercultural Services; Academic Dev

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M.Ed., Ed.S., D.C.C.




Theology and Ministry


 Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lena Crouso serves as the Director of Intercultural Student Services and Academic Development for the Residential Campus. She is an affiliate member of the STM faculty teaching courses in Intercultural Studies. She is also a licensed pastor in the Church of the Nazarene.

Dr. Crouso is a “third culture kid” and a daughter of Indian Immigrants. She spent her formative years growing up in India.  Although raised in a Hindu home, the one true God pursued her with His abounding, inclusive love and she gave her life to Jesus Christ with joy.

A diverse life path has given Lena a heart and mind for the empowerment of all people through intercultural understanding and a desire to lead people in spiritual, emotional and social transformation and freedom.

She is compelled by the two greatest commandments and desires to bring a deeper understanding to the question:  “Who is my Neighbor?” through research, courses, seminars, dialogue and advocacy.  

She has been a presenter, consultant and advocate on issues of race, diversity, equity and justice…seeking to build two way bridges of reconciliation, opportunity and hope in the arenas of higher education, the Church and community.

Whether serving as a leader, educator or shepherd, she believes nothing matters more than to be a conduit of His Love, for He loved first. 

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