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In some ways, Professor Maher took an unusual path to teaching in the Music Division. He dropped out of school the day he turned 16 and never went back, finishing high school via correspondence school, but entering college before his 17th birthday.

John was raised in a Christian home, so giving his life to Jesus didn't make a huge change in things. It did affect him when the chance to travel with an evangelist came up. He was always interested in music, so he jumped at the opportunity. It didn't seem to bother John's parents that he was only 13 at the time. He lived away from home for a year, and then returned home for a year. The same people called again a year later about traveling again. He returned, and never looked back.

John is glad that he had an early start at IWU (Marion College at the time), because he made up for it by staying late. Working his way through school, he even dropped out for a year and a half, partly to save up enough to go back. All told, John crammed the undergraduate work into seven years, but that was God's plan for him at the time. John came to teach at IWU because the Music Division needed some help, and they asked him if he were willing.

Jesus really smiled on John when he met Linda, now his wife. They've had 33 years together so far, and still enjoy time together. They don't have children per se, but a young man lived with them for a while and now sends Father's Day cards, making John proud to claim him.

John began working at IWU in 1978. He shares that it is still fun after all of this time. Teaching methods and technology have changed quite a bit, but the joy of teaching remains.

John is very grateful and also says, "God and IWU have both been very, very good to me."

Educational Background:

  • B.S., 1975, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • M.M., 1979, Ball State University
  • D.A., 1986, Ball State University
  • M.L.S., 1988, Indiana University


  • Organ performance, with emphasis in musicology
  • College teaching and learning
  • Teaching Music Theory and Music History as well as MIDI and computer applications in music
  • Symbolism and number significance in the works of J.S. Bach
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
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