James Kraai

Associate Professor

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DeVoe School of Business



Educational Background:

  • B.A., 1968, Calvin College
  • M.A., 1970, Western Michigan University
  • Ed.D., 1973, Western Michigan University
  • M.B.A., 1983, University of Chicago

Dr.Kraai has been in many different positions at IWU (formerly Marion College) starting with Vice President for Finance in 1985 after spending years as an adult educator and followed by management in private industry. Later, he served as the Director of Graduate Business Programs and more recently as a full-time graduate faculty member. Throughout his career he was involved as an adjunct professor in the MBA program.

As the first member of his family to attend college, he continued beyond the BA to earn a Masters in Counseling and Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Later, he attained the MBA while working as a general manager for a large corporation. He remembers and credits the many family members, teachers, and faculty who encouraged him to proceed far beyond his imagination.

Dr. Kraai grew up in a blue collar hard working tranditional Christian family (neither father or mother went beyond elementary school) in Chicago during the turbulent 60's paying his way through college by working on a garbage truck. This experience allowed him to associate each summer with minorities providing sensitivity and understanding of the economic and educational struggles of the poor. This lead to teaching, counseling, and adult education and eventually to a long career in higher education. As retirement approaches he now enjoys engaging with students by teaching online in the MBA program.


Interest in the study of free-market economics, business, and trade informed by a Christian worldview. This worldview is centered on the devinely created human person who requires liberty and freedom to restore and reconcile all creation to God. Ongoing participation in the Acton Institute (www.Acton.org) has shaped my understanding of the role of the human person in a free society and certainly in the role of manager and leader.

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