Curt Rice

Ref Librarian; OCLS Merrillville




Ronald goes by his middle name, Curt. Curt earned his B.A. with a major in History from Aurora University. In addition, he holds three master's degrees, one in Library Science and two in History. Curt has taught History at several Canadian colleges and until recently was a librarian and instructor at Simpson University in Redding, California. In July 2008, Curt joined the IWU faculty as the OCLS librarian at the Merrillville center; he also serves as a History adjunct for Shasta College in California.

Educational Background:

  • B.A., 1970, Aurora College
  • M.S., 1973, Northern Illinois University
  • M.A., 1979, Wheaton College
  • M.A., 1989, Northern Illinois University


  • Antebellum and Reconstruction periods
  • Gaullism
  • Vichy France
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St.
Marion, IN 46953