Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership. The primary value of IWU is Christlikeness, and the challenge to follow Christ compels us to pursue a personal and professional lifestyle of commitment, leadership, service, stewardship, innovation, and diversity.

We seek to be a truly great Christian university serving the world.

As an educational institution, IWU has been rooted locally in Marion, Indiana for nearly a century. Our scope also extends nationally and globally as we seek to fulfill our mission and global vision.

The Global Engagement Office seeks to fulfill IWU’s mission and global vision by: 

Facilitating Education Abroad Opportunities for Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Travel Classes
    Courses taught by IWU faculty that take place in an international location
  • Intercultural Fieldtrips
    Off-Campus credit-bearing experiences led by IWU faculty during Spring Break
  • Summer/Semester Abroad Programs
    A series of credit-bearing courses that are taken in an international location under the guidance of IWU faculty and/or affiliate program providers
  • International Internships, Student Teaching and Practicum Experiences
    Independent experiences that fulfill program requirements in an international location
  • Global Service Learning Teams
    Opportunities to serve and learn with a team led by IWU faculty/staff in an international location (not credit-bearing)
  • Faculty Vision Trips
    Funding provided to faculty applicants for international program exploration and development

Facilitating Education and Exchange Programs for International Students and Scholars

  • Cultural Immersion Program
    A cultural exchange experience for international high school students that takes place on the IWU-Marion campus
  • Bridge Program
    A first year experience for international college students who wish to pursue language competence, cultural intelligence, and a degree on the IWU-Marion campus
  • Semester Abroad @ IWU Program
    A cross-cultural learning experience for international college students on the IWU-Marion campus
  • International Visiting Scholars Program
    Opportunities for international educators to engage in professional development and interaction with faculty on the IWU-Marion campus

Facilitating Strategic Growth Initiatives

  • Lumen Research Institute
    An international collaborative research community shedding light on significant questions facing our world today
  • Global Classroom Initiative
    Harnessing the power of technology to connect students/faculty in American high school classrooms with educational partners in classrooms around the world
  • Mars Hill Initiative
    Developing partnerships with select international universities for the purpose of being salt and light to their students, faculty, and staff by way of exchange programs, dual degree programs, and visiting scholar programs
  • Missionary in Residence Program
    A cooperative effort with Global Partners of The Wesleyan Church to mobilize students for global ministry
  • Justice Center for Human Trafficking
    Contributing research, resources, and initiatives toward the abolition of human trafficking and the promotion of human flourishing

Contact Information

The Global Engagement Office is located in the Barnes Student Center, office suite 260
Phone: 765-677-1054


Ashley Demichael

Ashley DeMichael

Coordinator of Education Abroad


Shawn Yang

Shawn Yang

Assistant Professor
Director of International Student Programs


Trent Nettleton

Trent Nettleton

International Scholar in Residence


Sandy Emmett

 Sandy Emmett

Office Administrator

765-677-1054 or 765-677-1780

Jim Vermilya

 Jim Vermilya, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Dean of Global Engagement and Strategic Initiatives


Last updated: 06/26/2017