The Global Engagement Office was established in an effort to enhance international and intercultural education on the residential campus of IWU. Grounded on the biblical foundation of the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, the Global Engagement Office seeks to embody IWU’s mission and global vision

Education Abroad Programs

  • As an integral part of their Christian liberal arts education, IWU students are encouraged to participate in a variety of off-campus learning experiences, including education abroad. Four types of Education Abroad Programs are available to students on IWU's residential campus:
    1. Travel Class: a course taught by an IWU faculty member that takes place in an international location that enhances the content of course (may be taken for credit or audit)
    2. World Impact Trip: a global service learning experience led by an IWU faculty/staff member that takes place in an international location (not a credit-bearing course)
    3. Summer/Semester Abroad Program: a series of courses that are taken in an international location under the guidance of IWU faculty and/or affiliate program/university faculty (credit-bearing courses that are transcripted to a student's degree audit)
    4. International Internship, Student Teaching, and Practicum Experience: fulfill program requirement in an international location (credit-bearing course or experience that satisfies degree requirement)
  • Education Abroad Programs may satisfy the "Intercultural Experience" General Education requirement
  • Education Abroad Programs require pre-departure orientation and post-experience debriefing. In most cases, students satisfy the pre-departure orientation requirement by taking a one credit hour course: INT120 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Engagement, and a pre-departure orientation seminar. In some cases a specialized pre-departure orientation process is developed by faculty who are leading a program.
  • Residential students who wish to participate in an Education Abroad Program must be in good standing with Student Development and the Dean of the Chapel Office, have at least a 2.75 GPA, and successfully complete an application/interview process. Additionally, Summer/Semester Abroad Program participants must have completed 30 credit hours at IWU; they must apply one year in advance; and they require additional academic approval/support from their academic advisor and in some cases a program provider.
  • The cost for Education Abroad Programs varies and includes: tuition, travel expenses, and program fees. Scholarships and financial aid may be applied to education abroad programs
  • Students interested in Education Abroad Programs should contact the Education Abroad Supervisor whose office is located in the Global Engagement Office

International Student Initiatives

  • The Global Engagement Office collaborates with residential campus offices and student organizations in various international student recruitment and retention efforts
  • The office of IWU's Principal Designated School Official (P/DSO) is located in the Global Engagement Office. International students on F-1 student visas should contact the Global Engagement Office for any issues related to their visa status or any other needs they may have. International students not on F-1 student visas are also encouraged to contact the Global Engagement Office for any needs they may have during their time at IWU
  • ESL (English as a Second Language) courses are available to international students on the residential campus. These courses are offered in conjunction with IWU's three English Language Programs:
    1. Cultural Immersion Program: an intensive (2-4 weeks), English language and cultural immersion experience for international high school and college students (not credit-bearing)
    2. Semester Abroad @ IWU Program: a cross-cultural learning experience for international college students (ESL courses are credit-bearing but not towards a specific degree program at IWU; additional elective courses are also a part of the program)
    3. Bridge Program: a college-preparatory program for international high school seniors and high school graduates (ESL courses are credit-bearing but not towards a degree program at IWU; additional elective courses are also a part of the program)
  • IWU's International Student Association (ISA) is a student-led support group for international students on the residential campus. ISA students meet together regularly for mutual support and solidarity. ISA also provides a number of practical services for international students

Intercultural Student Services

  • IWU seeks to become a diverse and global learning community. To that end, intercultural student services seek to educate about, advocate for, and celebrate all cultures by creating environments for residential campus students to feel safe and valued
  • Our desire is to reduce micro-aggressions on the residential campus by bringing awareness to topics of diversity and reconciliation in residence halls and classroom settings. In the unfortunate event that a student experiences or witnesses a cultural, ethnic, or racial micro-aggression, bias, harassment, or hate-related incident, the Associate Director of Intercultural Student Services should be notified immediately-the Associate Director's office is located in the Global Engagement Office
  • There are a number of support services and resources available to students from various cultural backgrounds. Students are encouraged to contact the Global Engagement Office to find out more about the services available to them
  • There are a number cultural awareness events and programs available to all students on the residential campus, including:
    1. Cultural Heritage Month Celebrations
    2. Culture Café (cultural discussions led by Tapestry Coordinators)
    3. Food for Thought (monthly cultural heritage cooking demonstrations)
    4. Cultural events in residence halls led by Diversity Coordinators
    5. International Education Week
    6. Passport to Culture
    7. Love Revolution Week
    8. Luther Lee Lecture Series
  • The Global Engagement Office services the General Education Committee by facilitating the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) online assessment for all courses and experiences that satisfy the Intercultural Experience General Education requirement
    1. Students who need to complete the IES online assessment should contact the Global Engagement Office
    2. Students who think that their upbringing, previous course at another institution, or life experience may satisfy the Intercultural Experience Gen. Ed. requirement should contact the Global Engagement Office in order to begin the portfolio submission process
    3. Seniors must take the IES at least 30 days prior to graduation
  • The Global Engagement Office partners with faculty and residence life staff in developing curricular and co-curricular projects and programs related to social, cultural, socioeconomic, generational, gender, racial, and ethnic diversity issues. We strive to engage in productive conversations on these issues because we believe a person must first understand the world before she/he can become an agent of change in the world

Last updated: 10/21/2016