The programs of the IWU College of Adult and Professional Studies are convenient, designed specifically for the needs of adult learners, and encompass a wide range of areas.

DeVoe School of Business, Technology and Leadership

The DeVoe School of Business, Technology and Leadership offers dynamic programs that build on the knowledge our students bring to the classroom and help shape them into lifelong learners. The school provides degree-oriented educational opportunities to working adults when occupation and family responsibilities make it difficult to spend major blocks of time in residence on campus. Our programs and graduates are key components in workforce development in the communities we serve.

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School of Integrated Learning and Development

The School of Integrated Learning and Development at IWU offers dynamic programs that serve to apply the mission of IWU by drawing teachers, administrators and other school personnel into an integrated experience of intellectual challenge, spiritual growth and leadership development. Our programs call candidates to Christian character and academic excellence, equip them for success in their disciplines, mentor them in leadership, and prepare them for service.

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School of Integrated Health

The School of Integrated Health at IWU is devoted to teaching, scholarship, and research. Our programs focus on educating students to become industry leaders in their respective areas of counseling, behavior & health sciences, and nursing.

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Division of Liberal Arts

The IWU Division of Liberal Arts Associate of Science - Integrative Studies, Bachelor of Science - Integrative Studies, and Bachelor of Science in Communication allow you to transfer in courses taken at other institutions, choose from numerous concentrations or create one of your own, and complete courses convenient to your schedule and location.

Our offering of undergraduate electives can help you get the additional credits you need to graduate, prepare you to begin one of our accelerated degree programs, or allow you to take a few courses for personal growth or skill development.

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