The Indiana Wesleyan University Nameplate

IWU Nameplate

The nameplate above is the primary element of the Indiana Wesleyan University visual identity system and must appear on all official communications. It may not be modified in any way.

A special horizontal nameplate was created for usage in wide and shallow spaces. This nameplate should always be the second choice to the primary nameplate:

Secondary Nameplate

Stand-alone Nameplate Structure with Unit Identifier (Service Level)

The name of major units within Indiana Wesleyan University, such as various administration levels, may be added to the nameplate as a unit signature. In all cases, use the full, correct name of the unit.

Office of the Provost

The unit name should be set in all-caps Slate Std Bold, centered with +100 tracking.

A red .5 pt solid rule, created in InDesign, is placed between the nameplate and the unit identifier.

Nameplate Containment Specifications

Use the following guidelines to help frame and position the nameplate into various spaces. These construction constraints may also be utilized when placing the nameplate in a containment box or band of solid color.

Color fields are flexible in width, but should be contained to the heights outlined here.

The x-height measurement is the height of the 3-line nameplate minus the decorative chapel extension.

1X = nameplate height

Nameplate Containment

Nameplate Containment 2

Official University Seal

The official University seal has very limited use, primarily on formal University documents, such as contracts, deeds and academic diplomas. It may be used, with authorization, as a design element on certain ceremonial communications, such as formal invitations, and on quality clothing and gift items.


Athletics Logo

This is the Indiana Wesleyan University athletics logo. Direct all inquiries regarding the use of the University's athletic marks to

Athletics Logo

Unacceptable Executions

It is extremely important to the brand identity that the Indiana Wesleyan University nameplate and signatures be displayed correctly. Always use the correct typefaces and the correct relative positioning and size of all elements.

  1. Do not distort any portion of the nameplate.
  2. Do not crop any portion of the nameplate.
  3. Do not tilt the nameplate.
  4. Do not substitute the typefaces.
  5. Do not rearrange components in the nameplate.
  6. Do not alter the alignment of any component of the nameplate.

More Basic Standards

Last updated: 10/21/2016