Nameplate Application on University-wide Web Page

Place the IWU nameplate 1 cap height of "University" above the bottom of the red bar.

Nameplate Application

Nameplate Placement on Publications

The Indiana Wesleyan University nameplate must appear on the front or back of all printed communications.

For typical vertical letter-size applications, use either a centered asymmetrical left/right position or a bottom centered position. For front cover usage, use the preferred containment construction device to frame the nameplate into a designated space.

To create a sign-off signature on mail panels, use the University-wide nameplate with the standard 4-line typographic format. This unit always positions in the upper left corner.

Nameplate Placement

PowerPoint Templates: Title Slides

A standardized banner and color system allows consistent branding across all University PowerPoint presentations.

The screens shown accommodate all types of IWU signatures in the identity system. The nameplate should be placed on the lower left-hand corner of the cover page. For all subsequent pages, the nameplate moves to the bottom.

Use the current Web identity background pattern as a repeating element connected to the visual display of IWU signatures.

A single sans serif font is recommended for all headlines and small text. Shown is the Slate Std family. Use substitute fonts when Slate Std is not available. For interior body text, use ITC Berkeley Oldstyle Std. If Berkeley is not available, stay with the same sans serif font as the headlines.

Title Slides

Video Sign-off

Use the following guidelines for developing sign-off frames for video and TV spots, and as a basis for Web banner advertising.


  1. Preceding image dissolves to white as nameplate begins to fade in [.5 second]
  2. Information/call-to-action line appears below nameplate [.5 second]
  3. URL or toll-free number replaces information line [.5 second]

Video Sign Off


Brand image ad concepts created for the Adult Learning and Leadership campaign use either strong academic or lifestyle imagery, depending upon the audience. Note the use of a modified address block and contact information based on specific program campaign requirements.

For University-wide advertising, use the traditional centered nameplate and contact information.


Vehicle Signage

When displaying the nameplate for University-wide vehicle applications, always use the one-color IWU Red version for maximum legibility on a white ground. For permanent die-cut vinyl displays on darker-colored vehicles, always use the signature reversed out to white.

Display the nameplate on side doors (and rear doors, where applicable). For wider expanses, use the horizontal version. Always use the URL-based signature for rear placements. When a vehicle is dedicated to a department or administrative unit, always use the IWU nameplate.

Application may be a magnetic sign or applied die-cut vinyl.

Vehicle Signage

Exterior Campus Banners

For exterior or interior banners, always use the nameplate surrounded by IWU Red for strong contrast and color brand recognition. Strong photographic images may also be used to emphasize the nameplate (dual flanking, double-hung banners). When used as a single-flank banner, display the nameplate set into the preferred IWU containment box. Strong contrasting Slate Std typeface set into various color spaces provides high impact. Always pick colors to pull from or contrast with the image shown.

Exterior Campus Banners

More Applications

Last updated: 10/21/2016