Why does Indiana Wesleyan University need graphic standards?

As a diverse, growing, changing University, we are still building our unique identity. We must enhance and strengthen our reputation by presenting a relevant brand and a consistent, compelling visual identity. Our rapid growth and plans for continued expansion require a focused and effective approach to telling our story.

These standards provide guidelines for everyone to embrace and help preserve a unified visual identity and perpetuate the brand of the entire University. With the application of these standards, we can better manage our identity and the image we want to project.

These standards are for use as a reference guide in developing communication materials. While most major applications are addressed, it is not possible to anticipate every design situation that may arise. When you have any questions, please contact us; we have a talented team of professionals available to serve you.

The success of the IWU brand identity depends on the consistent use of these standards by everyone involved in the creation and execution of communication materials to help share the IWU story. The Administrative Cabinet has reviewed and adopted these standards and asks our community to follow and embrace them.

Thank you for your commitment to IWU's mission and vision - and to these graphic standards!