Marion Campus Students

Indiana Wesleyan University residential students may register to vote in Grant County. The current registration form can be found at:

The completed and signed original form, along with copies of required personal identification, must be hand-delivered or mailed to:

Grant County Voter Registration
Courthouse, Suite B-9
101 E. 4th St.
Marion, IN 46952-4055

In order to be processed for the next election, the application must be postmarked or hand-delivered to the county voter registration office no later than 29 days before the next election. Some military voters and their family members can register until noon on Election Day. Contact your county voter registration office for information if you think you may qualify to do so.

Students Living or Studying in Indiana

The Indiana voter registration application is available at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles office or online at . The second page of the application includes directions for submission of the application.

Students Living or Studying in Kentucky

IWU students studying or living in Kentucky may register with the Kentucky State Board of Elections. Forms and instructions are available at

Students Living or Studying in Ohio

IWU students studying or living in Ohio may register through the Secretary of State's office. Forms may be downloaded here

Students Living and Studying in Other States

Online students in other states can find registration processes online. Just type "voter registration" and the name of your state into your favorite search engine.