Indiana Wesleyan University has regional Education Centers across Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The Web pages of each center provide directions, a map and parking details.

When parking on IWU's residential campus in Marion, Indiana, students and employees are required to have valid University-issued parking permits properly displayed. Permit colors are assigned to corresponding parking lots, and rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Visitors are encouraged to park in the designated parking lots as indicated on the Visitor Parking Map. Guests receiving a citation for parking permit violations are exempt from payment. However, guests will be subject to fees incurred while parking in handicap parking spaces without a visible, valid disabled parking permit; in fire lanes; or in spaces marked Reserved. Visitor permits, although not required for short visits to campus, may be obtained at no charge from the Campus Police office, in Room 148 of the Barnes Student Center.

If you have any questions regarding parking on campus during your visit, please call Campus Police at 765-677-2497.

For parking options available on our Marion campus, please view the Visitor Parking Map.