Residence Halls

The Informal Mentoring model blends students from different classifications (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) so that upperclassmen can informally mentor those students who are less experienced.
The Progressive Independent Living model recognizes that students change and grow through their university experience. As they mature, they should be given more independence. Unique areas are designed for increased independence.

Freshmen Only Halls

IWU has four residence areas that are reserved for freshmen only. Two have a long and deep tradition built on brotherhood (Bowman) and sisterhood (Shatford), while the others are based on an innovative and intentional mentoring model (Beckett Hall East, South Hall Complex East).
freshmen experience
journey logoJourney to Success is a peer-mentoring program designed to assist incoming freshmen living in Beckett Hall East and South Hall Complex East with the transition from high school to college.

Traditional Residence Halls

Open to all residential students (freshman – senior) IWU's traditional halls each have their own unique community and personality. All are intentionally designed to maximize a student’s college experience.
traditional halls
men's women's
Carmin Yes
Evans Yes
Hodson Yes
Martin Yes
Reed Yes

Sophomore Areas

Although called Sophomore Areas, these halls are home to students ranging from sophomore through senior. Sophomore Areas offer communities where returning students can engage with each other in an intentional environment that meets their developing needs while supporting the transition toward independent living.

Apartment Areas

Junior and Senior students are eligible to apply to live in one of the Apartment Areas on campus. Apartment Areas support junior and senior students and their increased development toward independent living. Each Lodge offers multiple 4 or 6 person apartment style suites under one roof. Each Lodge has a central lobby and a front desk. The Townhouses offer more of an apartment layout for groups of 6 students. Both the Lodge suites and the Townhouse apartments are equipped with a kitchen.
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Married Housing

We provide a unique married housing option that blends privacy and intentional community for married undergraduate students. Students must be upper-division eligible to live in Married Housing (60+ credits or at least 21 years old)

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