Division of Music Presents

Event Calendar

Joo Young Kim Guest Piano Recital

January 17th
7:30pm Baker Recital Hall


January 18th
10:00am-4:00pm Phillippe Performing Arts Center

Wind Ensemble and Alumni Band Concert

February 7th
7:30pm Phillippe Auditorium

Igor and Amy Fios Guest String Recital

February 8th
4:00pm Baker Recital Hall

Womens Chorus Concert

February 20th, 7:30pm

Jackson Library Rotunda

University Singers Concert

February 27th
7:30pm Firs United Methodist Church

Spring Opera “The Tender Land”

March 21st -22nd
7:30pm Phillippe Auditorium

The Tender Land tells the story of an isolated rural family during the early 1930’s. Family events revolve around the graduation of the eldest daughter, Laurie, who is unsure of her place in that world. It is invaded by a threat and then an actuality of two outsiders who excite within Laurie dreams of a larger life. The Tender Land explores difficult themes of growing up, letting go, and dealing with gossip and stereotypes, against the background of the wonderful Americana music of Copland.

The opera is fully staged and orchestrated, and is in English.

David Leung Guest Recital

March 24th
7:30pm Baker Recital Hall

Spring Opera “The Tender Land”

March 28th - 29th
7:30pm Phillippe Auditorium

Brass/Woodwind/Strings Chamber Concert

April 1st
7:30pm Baker Recital Hall

The Harmonica Dr.Brautigam and Prof. Ron Mazellan

April 3rd
7:30pm Baker Recital Hall

*Heart of Indiana Children’s Choir Concert

April 8th
7:30pm Phillippe Auditorium

*Jazz Ensemble / Jazz Combo Concert

April 10th
7:30pm Phillippe Auditorium

Wind Ensemble/Orchestra Concert

April 11th
7:30pm Phillippe Auditorium

Easter Pageant

April 15th
7:30pm YMCA

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