Prof. Sameer Yadav

JWHC Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Yadav, SameerSameer Yadav graduated with his B.A. in philosophy from Boise State University and M.Div. from Master's Seminary in Southern California. After serving for two years as an assistant professor at Eternity Bible College, a ministry begun by Francis Chan, he went on to receive an S.T.M. from Yale Divinity School. He is currently finishing his Th.D. program in theology and ethics from Duke Divinity School. Sameer's scholarly interests are in systematic and philosophical theology. His dissertation, Perceiving God: A Theological Account investigates the structure of the Christian's encounter with God in ordinary experience. Drawing both upon the retrieval of fourth-century Cappadocian church father Gregory of Nyssa's "doctrine of the spiritual senses" and contemporary work in the philosophy of mind, he shows how Christian contemplative and moral-practical reasoning can be empirically grounded in our growing sensitivity and responsiveness to God's dynamic presence and activity in the world.

Sameer has published in Faith and Philosophy and Pro Ecclesia. He was honored as a 2009-2010 North American Doctoral Fellow by the Fund for Theological Education, an award given to underrepresented minority scholars judged to hold particular promise as leaders in both church and academy. He has been selected to present his work at the Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion, various colloquia in theology co-sponsored by Duke and the University of Virginia, and the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion. He has taught undergraduates in the theological interpretation of Scripture, graduate preceptorials in theology and ethics, and summer intensives in pastoral and social ethics for Duke's Leadership Education program.

Sameer and his wife, Whitney, have a three year old son, Noah (and another on the way!). In addition to time spent with family, Sameer enjoys reading philosophy and literature, listening to music, and good conversation - preferably when paired with good food (of which Indian cuisine is a favorite).