Christian Worship

Indiana Wesleyan University's Bachelor of Science in Christian Worship major will equip you to lead Christians in worshipping God. While most students find ministry positions in local churches, others apply this major in creative ways within para-church organizations, intercultural settings, camping ministries, etc.

Our program uniquely prepares students with a two-part emphasis. First, every Worship major takes substantial foundational courses which ground them in the basics of what Christian worship is all about. We're committed to helping emerging leaders think biblically, theologically, historically, and culturally about worship. Second, each Worship major receives skill-specific training in an area of his or her interest (called "tracks"). The four tracks are Music (Division of Music), Theatre (Division of Communication and Theatre), Media Arts (Division of Communication and Theatre), and Pastoral Ministry (School of Theology and Ministry). Additional areas of interest are in the pipeline, so the options are growing! Worship-related ministry jobs are numerous, with the variety of opportunities growing at a phenomenal rate.

We believe our degree will serve you well, if you are called to serve God through worship leadership.

Christian Worship Minor

A minor in Christian Worship consists of 19 credit hours of courses designed to complement other majors within the school, particularly those majors that prepare students for local church, para-church, or intercultural ministries. It is also designed to serve those pursuing majors outside of the School of Theology and Ministry who see themselves as active lay leaders of worship.

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Students should choose one of the following areas of specialization:



* Students choose from either MUS-114 or MUS-100, either MUS-117 or MUS-118, and either MUS-192, MUS-193, or MUS-194.

Theatre Track - Required Courses*


* Students choose from either COM-252, COM-317, or COM-362, and either MUS-114 or MUS-100.

Media Arts Track - Required Courses*


* Students choose from either COM-214 or COM-314.

Pastoral Ministry Track - Required Courses*


* Students choose from either COM-226 or COM-250, either REL-264 or YTH-220, and either REL-264P or YTH-220P.

Christian Worship Minor



At IWU, the Christian Worship major in the School of Theology and Ministry is designed to give students real-life experience working in a local church or para-church organization. Faculty are experienced and innovative individuals, which is essential in making our Christian Worship major the best at training you for everyday, life-changing, ministry. Lead Professor Constance Cherry will personally mentor you as you move through the core courses in your Christian Worship major plus a selected area of concentration, such as Music, Theatre, Media Arts, or Pastoral Ministry.

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Rev Constance M. Cherry; MM, DMin Worship & Pastoral Ministry | Professor View Profile
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