Adolescent Ministries

Student ministry in non-parish settings

Indiana Wesleyan University's Bachelor of Science with a major in Adolescent Ministries degree will prepare you to serve students in a non-ordained capacity. If you desire to minister in a youth center, a para-church ministry, a school-based ministry, or a local church as a volunteer, then this is the program for you.

The IWU Adolescent Ministries program provides experiential learning opportunities to prepare you to minister to adolescents in a myriad of settings, with a specific focus on practical ministry theory as well as skills.

You might consider doubling your Adolescent Ministries major with a major in Biblical Literature, Christian Education, Children's Ministry, Sports Ministries, or Christian Worship. Majors that lead to people-focused professions such as Psychology, Social Work, and Recreation Management are other great possibilities.

If you want to answer a call to pastoral youth ministry, consider our Youth Ministries major, which puts you on the ordination track to become an ordained minister in a local church.


A minor in Adolescent Ministries consists of 24 credit hours of courses specifically relating to professional ministry in parish or para-church settings.

Students may also choose to earn an Associate of Science degree for quick entry into the workforce and a foundation for further education.

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One of the best ways to discover a degree program is to check out the course listings. By simply clicking on the course titles below, you can get a preview of the classes you will attend as a student at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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* Students choose between either YTH-370 or REL-469. Students will also take 9 credit hours of youth-related courses and 3 credit hours of advanced Bible electives.

Adolescent Ministries Minor*


* Student may take either YTH-240 or YTH-270. Students will also take 7 credit hours of youth-related courses.


Find your faculty connection

As an Adolescent Ministries major, you'll want more than theory before you dive into local youth ministry or the work of a para-church organization. You'll want faculty who can help connect you with exciting real-life experiences. Faculty such as...

Charlie Alcock, Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy, knows youth ministry from his 15 years of ministry in local churches across the country. Having organized area and national youth conventions, Charlie is faculty advisor for national youth conferences held annually at IWU, which places student volunteers at the center of this fascinating outreach. Likewise, Russ Gunsalus, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy and coordinator of IWU's Youth Ministries program, has not only worked as a local youth pastor but also at the denominational level, addressing the youth ministry needs of students, young adults, and Christian education leaders.

Let them be your connection to the world of adolescent ministries.

Click on a faculty member's name below to learn more about the individual.

Charles Alcock; MA Asst Prof; Youth Ministries View Profile
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