Philosophy and Theology

The Indiana Wesleyan University Philosophy and Theology  major is a great choice for students who plan to go to graduate school or seminary. The program provides the intellectual framework for reasoning that is required in advanced studies. Students interested in ordained ministry usually plan to get their practical ministry courses required for ordination in seminary when they take this degree. It may also serve as a second major to provide support in developing a Christian perspective and understanding.

The Philosophy and Theology major is a combination of Church History, Theology, and Philosophy courses. This includes a capstone course centered around world changing and the philosophy behind that goal.

P&T students are serious thinkers, but they still have a good time sparring and debating issues with other students (and faculty!). Many classes occur in a seminar format with well-prepared students discussing and honing one another's reasoning powers. If you are already inclined to go on to graduate school or seminary, this may be the major for you. Come join us!

Philosophy Minor

The Philosophy minor consists of 18 credit hours, including 15 hours of required core courses and 3 hours of elective coursework.

Theology Minor

The Theology minor consists of 18 credit hours, with 12 hours of core requirements and 6 hours of electives. Christian Ministries and Youth Ministries majors must maintain 15 unique credit hours in order to minor in Theology.

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One of the best ways to discover a degree program is to check out the course listings. By simply clicking on the course titles below, you can get a preview of the classes you will attend as a student at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Choose two of the following elective classes:


* Students choose between either THE-310, THE-311, or THE-425; and between either PHL-280, PHL-285, or PHL-438. 6 credit hours of Advanced Bible electives and 3 credit hours of a Theology elective are also required.
** Any three credit hours with a PHL prefix of 200 or higher are also required.
*** Students choose from either THE-233 or THE-232. Christian Ministries and Youth Ministries majors must maintain 15 unique credit hours to minor in Theology.


The Philosophy and Theology major in the School of Theology and Ministry at IWU is designed to give students a strong base of intellectual reasoning required at the graduate and seminary level. The experienced and respected faculty is key to making the Philosophy and Theology major high-quality both academically and philosophically. Among the well-known and deeply admired faculty are Steve Horst (Philosophy) and Chris Bounds (Theology).

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Christopher Bounds; MDiv, PhD Prof; Religion View Profile
Scott Burson; MA, PhD Asst Prof; Religion View Profile
Stephen Horst; MA, PhD Assoc Prof; Religion and Philosophy View Profile
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