Visual Arts Education

Visual Arts is an ideal area of study for students who love to work with their hands to create images and objects that express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

The Indiana Wesleyan University Visual Arts Education program provides a challenging and nurturing environment in which to develop your God-given gifts in art and teaching. The program includes courses in two-dimensional design such as drawing, painting, and printmaking, and in three-dimensional design such as ceramics and sculpture, in addition to courses in digital imagery and graphic design. The major, designed to meet Indiana fine art standards, also includes professional education courses that prepare students to teach in public and private elementary, middle- and high-school classrooms. Graduates are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to be accomplished artists and effective educators who make a difference in the lives of their students and colleagues.

If you sense a calling to bring a Christian worldview to your teaching career, we encourage you to consider majoring in Visual Arts Education at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Visual Arts Major Core*

Two-Dimensional Design


Three-Dimensional Design


Art History

Students should take 6 credit hours of ART History electives.


5-12 Certification

Completion of major core

K-12 Certification


Student should also take 9 credit hours of ART electives.

Professional Education Courses


*ART-121, ART-221, ART-224, ART-238, ART-251 and ART-324 are Art foundational courses.


Whether right out of grad school or after some years in the profession, IWU professors moved to the head of the class. Was it a passion for sharing the field of their dreams? Was it a divine prompting to make students their business? Or were they looking for a place where they could teach their profession and still share a profession of faith? No doubt it was all of these.

Rodney Crossman; MFA Prof. Art | Artist in Residence View Profile
Daniel Hall; MA Asst Prof; Art View Profile
William Carpenter; MFA Assoc Prof; Art View Profile
Henrik Soderstrom; BFA MFA Asst Prof; Art View Profile
Dallas Walters; MFA Professor; Art View Profile
Kimberly DeMichael; MEd Asst Prof; Education | Secondary Program Coordinator | Education Placement Advisor View Profile
James Elsberry; MEd, PhD Professor; Education | Associate Dean; School of Education View Profile
Mary Seaborn; MAEd, EdD Professor; Education | Director; Certif and Student Teaching View Profile
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