Elementary Education / Exceptional Needs Education

The Indiana Wesleyan University Elementary Education / Exceptional Needs Education program has become one of the more sought-after degree fields in the School of Teacher Education, combining courses from both the Elementary and Exceptional Needs programs and leading to certification in both fields. This program has proven to be increasingly popular with students who know they want to teach in an elementary classroom, but also have compassion and a heart for teaching "the least of these," children with learning disabilities or other conditions requiring special attention and training. Our graduates have a passion to help all students grow and develop as individuals.

As a student in the School of Teacher Education, you will acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to be a successful educator and make a difference in the lives of your students and colleagues. As you progress through the program, you will have numerous opportunities for real-life experiences in the school setting. Classroom instruction and practice teaching placements allow you to combine theory and practice, while exploring the relationship between teaching and biblical principles.

If you understand and accept the value of each individual and sense a calling to help all students discover their unique gifts and fulfill their role in society, we invite you to consider the Elementary Education / Exceptional Needs Education program at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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One of the best ways to discover a degree program is to check out the course listings. By simply clicking on the course titles below, you can get a preview of the classes you will attend as a student at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Stage A - Introduction


Stage B - Acquisition


Stage C - Integration

The following 3 courses should be taken in a block during the first Stage C semester:


The following 4 courses should be taken in a block during the second Stage C semester:


Stage D - Application



Whether right out of grad school or after some years in the profession, IWU professors moved to the head of the class. Was it a passion for sharing the field of their dreams? Was it a divine prompting to make students their business? Or were they looking for a place where they could teach their profession and still share a profession of faith? No doubt it was all of the above. We invite you to come to campus and ask students what they think.

Anita Manwell; MS, Ed.D Assoc. Prof. Education | Coordinator; Elementary Education anita.manwell@indwes.edu View Profile
Angela Leffler Asst Prof;; Education angie.leffler@indwes.edu View Profile
John A McCracken; MA, PhD Prof; Education john.mccracken@indwes.edu View Profile
Karla Karr; MEd Asst Prof; Education karla.karr@indwes.edu View Profile
Amy Forshey; MEd, Ed.D Asst. Prof; Special Education | Coord; Special Education Program amy.forshey@indwes.edu View Profile
Sarah Jones; MEd Asst Prof; Special Education sarah.jones@indwes.edu View Profile
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