Political Science


A Political Science degree will shape you as a leader who is looking toward government service and political participation. You will be challenged with your studies, and you will also be prepared for the next step - whether it be graduate school or law school, or working at home or abroad in a government-related agency.

IWU's Bachelor of Science with a major in Political Science program will provide you the opportunity to participate in a number of leadership venues. Whether it's starting up a new student organization, running for student government, or working on the student paper, our students thrive in leadership positions. Students may also choose to earn an Associate of Science degree for quick entry into the workforce and a foundation for further education, or to minor in Political Science as a supplement to another IWU major.

If you are ready for a challenging endeavor - wrestling with the fundamental question of how faith and politics can work together and learning how to vigorously defend a position while treating alternate views fairly - then we invite you to explore majoring in Political Science at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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Political Science Electives

Students should complete any three of the following:


Students should complete any two of the following not already taken:


Concentration or Cognate

Students should complete a 10 - 12 credit-hour concentration or cognate in a field consistent with their vocational goals. Suggested concentrations include additional hours in Political Science or courses in History, International Relations, or Economics. The cognate may be 10 credit hours from any one of the following areas: Accounting, Addictions Counseling, Biology, Business Administration, Communication Arts, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Finance, Geography, History, Intercultural Studies, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy and Theology, Social Studies, Social Work, Writing, or as directed by the department.


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The Political Science faculty members are committed to understanding the problems and theories of politics. These instructors are engaged in explaining and influencing politics by engagement in the classroom, in research and presentation at national conferences, and in the real world. All of our professors are highly qualified and have advanced degrees in one or more of the subfields of Political Science. Our faculty members wrestle with the conflict that often exists between faith and politics, and they teach in such a way that students are encouraged to engage in this same process. They strive to encourage thoughtful Christian reflection in the pursuit of public service and participation in politics.

Click on a faculty member's name below to learn more about that person.

David Bartley; MA, PhD Professor; History | Div Chair; Social Sciences david.bartley@indwes.edu View Profile
Jonathan Conrad; MA, PhD Professor; Political Science jon.conrad@indwes.edu View Profile
Soyoung Lee Visiting Asst Prof of Economics soyoung.lee@indwes.edu View Profile
Tom Lehman; MA, PhD Professor; Economics tom.lehman@indwes.edu View Profile
Chan Shin Asst Professor of International Relation chan.shin@indwes.edu View Profile
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