Music Therapy

The new bachelor of music therapy is now fully accredited by AMTA (American Music Therapy Association) and NASM (National Association of Music). Music therapy is a health profession that uses music and musical experiences, implemented by a trained music therapist, to maintain or improve a person's functioning level in a variety of health domains. The Music Therapy program is designed to train students to use musical and clinical skills to help meet the identified needs of their clients.


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Studies in Music


Students will also need 6 credit hours of major ensemble and applied studies in voice, piano, and guitar.

Studies in Music Therapy and Clinical Foundations


MUS-405 Must be taken twice.


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J. Michael Dennis;M, DWS Asst Prof; Church Music View Profile
Lisa Dawson; MM, DA Prof. Music View Profile
Todd Williams; MA Asst Prof; Music Education View Profile
Michael Flanagin; MA Asst Prof; Music View Profile
Tammie Huntington; MM, DA Asst Prof; Music View Profile
Chris Lessly; MMEd PhD Professor; Music View Profile
Marc Wooldridge; MFA, MA, PhD Professor; Music View Profile
Jess Munoz; D.M.A. Assoc. Prof. Music View Profile
Phoenix Park-Kim; MM, DMA Prof. Music | Coordinator; Accompanists View Profile
Eunice Rickey; MA, DA Professor; Music View Profile
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