Church Music

Do you have a heart for ministry and a love of music?

A Church Music degree will prepare you to exhibit discernment and expertise in applying the many tools available for ministry in today's eclectic worship culture. This is the type of leader that local churches are looking for to navigate a multitude of music styles and modes of worship.

IWU's Bachelor of Arts with a major in Church Music program will develop you into a musician with a pastoral heart. You will hone your craft, be it vocal or instrumental, to a point where you are recognized as an accomplished musician. You will also learn to develop an understanding of and respect for all styles of worship, preparing you to meet the challenges of a diverse body of believers.

Students may also choose to minor in Church Music  as a supplement to another IWU major.

If you feel the tug of ministry and want to grow your musical talent while being mentored by those who have a wide range of musical and ministry experience, then we invite you to consider majoring in Church Music at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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* Students choose between either MUS-371 or MUS-372.

Students will also need 6 credit hours of electives from the following*:


* Students may take either MUS-442 or MUS-445. Students will also need to be enrolled in a Large Ensemble each semester of study, complete seven semesters of Recital, and complete the Young Performers Series Recital, which takes place during the sixth semester of Applied Study.

Church Music Minor


Students will also need 3 credit hours of Music electives, four semesters of Large Ensemble participation, completion of the Young Performer Series recital during the final semester of applied study, and completion of Piano Proficiency (competency through Level II - 2 to 4 credit hours).


The Church Music major at Indiana Wesleyan University is designed to foster the development of excellent musicians with pastoral hearts who demonstrate a passion for the ministry of the local church.

In addition to being accomplished musicians in their own right, our faculty members have served local churches of all sizes, denominations, and worship styles throughout the United States. In addition, they continue to be actively engaged in ministry positions ranging from worship leader to church consultant.

You will be taught and mentored by those who have experienced what they are teaching, giving you insights and instruction not found in textbooks.

Click on a faculty member's name below to learn more about that person.

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J. Michael Dennis;M, DWS Asst Prof; Church Music View Profile
Lisa Dawson; MM, DA Prof. Music View Profile
Todd Williams; MA Asst Prof; Music Education View Profile
Michael Flanagin; MA Asst Prof; Music View Profile
Tammie Huntington; MM, DA Asst Prof; Music View Profile
Chris Lessly; MMEd PhD Professor; Music View Profile
Marc Wooldridge; MFA, MA, PhD Professor; Music View Profile
Jess Munoz; D.M.A. Assoc. Prof. Music View Profile
Phoenix Park-Kim; MM, DMA Prof. Music | Coordinator; Accompanists View Profile
Eunice Rickey; MA, DA Professor; Music View Profile
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