The Indiana Wesleyan University English major is both timely and timeless. It is designed to provide students with a broad liberal arts background, an in-depth study of literature and language, a developing understanding of the human condition, and an ability to communicate effectively. With this background, our majors are prepared for a wide variety of professional opportunities, including positions in higher education, business, industry, government, law, medicine, social service, or editing.

Students may also choose to minor in English as a supplement to another IWU major or combine this major with a second major such as Writing, Philosophy, History, or Religion.

Faculty in the Division of Modern Language and Literature mentor students as they engage in their studies with a Christian worldview. These highly qualified and internationally recognized professionals instruct students and learn with them as they continue their journey and follow their calling to use language to the glory of God. Our graduates are men and women of letters who are able to explore and employ all facets of language - one of God's most cherished gifts to us.

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One of the best ways to discover a degree program is to check out the course listings. By simply clicking on the course titles below, you can get a preview of the classes you will attend as a student at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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* Students take either ENG-481 or WRI-481.

Advanced Writing*


* Students choose one course from this category.

Upper-Level Literature

Category I (American Lit) Colonial - 19th Century*


Category II (British Lit) Pre-20th Century*


Category III (American/British Lit) Post 1900*


*Students must choose at least one course from Category I, II, and III.

Additional Courses

The following courses are also required:

  • Literature Electives (not ENG-180) - 6 credit hours
  • Electives in English/Writing (except ENG-180) - 6 credit hours
  • Supporting hours in English, Writing, or Education (above 120 except ENG-180) - 7 credit hours
  • Foreign Language - Intermediate competency in modern or ancient foreign language - 0-12 credit hours

English Minor


Students must also take 21 credit hours of Electives in ENG or WRI (except ENG-180), including at least 9 credit hours in upper-level courses.


Our English and Writing faculty are largely PhD-prepared with appropriately diverse areas of expertise in all areas of literature and language. They are excellent teachers who are also nationally and internationally recognized writers, lecturers, and editors. They believe in learning with their students and in mentoring them in exploring language and literature as Christian scholars.

Click on a faculty member's name below to learn more about that individual.

Mary M Brown; MA, PhD Professor; English mary.brown@indwes.edu View Profile
Timothy G Esh; MPhil Asst Prof; English timothy.esh@indwes.edu View Profile
Paul Allison; MFA, PhD Professor; English paul.allison@indwes.edu View Profile
Mary Alice Trent; MA PhD Prof; English | Chair; Modern Lang & Literature maryalice.trent@indwes.edu View Profile
Charles Bressler; MS, PhD Professor; English | Senior Scholar for Undergrad Research | John Wesley Honors College charles.bressler@indwes.edu View Profile
Bradley Spaulding; MA Asst Prof; English brad.spaulding@indwes.edu View Profile
H. Michael Buck; MA, PhD Professor; English mike.buck@indwes.edu View Profile
Katrina Karnehm; MLitt, PhD Asst Prof; English katie.karnehm@indwes.edu View Profile
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