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The Athletic Training Education  program at Indiana Wesleyan University is committed to developing students as critical thinkers and competent practitioners. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Athletic Training from IWU will enable you to challenge the certification examination from the Board of Certification to become a certified athletic trainer. The program is accredited by CAATE, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.

Graduates will be prepared to successfully practice as entry-level professionals in various allied health care settings related to athletic training and sports medicine. The opportunities in this field are diverse and promising. ATCs work in conjunction with physicians to clinically evaluate and diagnose injuries, prescribe rehab and implement preventative measures.

Depending on continuing education and credentials, your future career could include working as an athletic trainer for a specific team at any level of competition from high school to professional. Positions are also open at many sports performance training complexes and gyms. Job opportunities are also increasing in non-sports settings, as many top companies are seeking to prevent injuries before they happen in the industrial setting. Certified athletic trainers are increasing visible in physician's offices, serving as physician extenders.

Our program is committed to providing a quality clinical education in athletic training with a foundation stemming from a passion to see the world changed for Jesus Christ. If you love athletics and have a desire to assist in injury healing and rehabilitation, we invite you to explore IWU's Athletic Training Education program.

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Program Information

Indiana Wesleyan University's Athletic Training Education program provides traditional athletic training services in support of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of all University athletes. Our program is committed to world changing and servanthood, a high standard of care, and Christian development. The program is accredited by CAATE, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.

Direct Observation Athletic Training Students

This is the beginning level in the Athletic Training Education program. First-year majors achieve this status by declaring Athletic Training as a major and enrolling in the beginning classes in the Athletic Training curriculum.

Athletic Training Students

To achieve this status, second-, third-, and fourth-year students must be accepted through an official application process. They become progressively more active in the program as proper experience and knowledge are gained. These students are assigned certain responsibilities based on their knowledge, skill level, and attitude.

Clinical Experiences

Indiana Wesleyan University offers clinical experience in the following athletic areas:

Men's Athletics

Cross Country
Fall Baseball
Track and Field
Cheer Team
Indoor Track
Indoor Soccer

Women's Athletics

Cross Country
Fall Softball
Track and Field
Cheer Team
Indoor Track
Indoor Soccer

Sports Medicine Professional Experience

Our students have the unique opportunity to participate in two internship experiences in a physician's office and hospital, where they will observe and participate in the daily operations of a physician's daily practice and work with a variety of injuries and conditions.

High School Clinical Experience

Our students may also obtain clinical hours under the supervision of a certified athletic trainer at a local high school.

College/University Experience

Our students have the opportunity to work with neighboring Taylor University's sports programs, primarily football. This unique experience can give the student an appreciation for the differences in how universities deliver athletic training services.

General Medical Experience

Our students have the opportunity to gain general medical experience through the IWU Health Center and Bridges to Health, Inc. This experience presents a wide range of potential conditions and illnesses that may not be experienced or identified in traditional athletic training settings.

IWU Athletic Training Facilities

Our program currently operates three athletic training rooms that provide ample opportunities for our students to practice their developing skills.

For more information, contact the Indiana Wesleyan University Athletic Training Education program director:

Adam Thompson, PhD, LAT, ATC
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 South Washington Street
Marion, IN 46953-4974

IWU Athletic Training Student pass rates on the BOC examination

2010-2011 IWU ATEP Graduates


First Time pass rate



Overall pass rate



2011-2012 IWU ATEP Graduates


First Time pass rate



Overall pass rate



2012-2013 IWU ATEP Graduates


First Time pass rate



Overall pass rate



Application Procedure

This bachelor's degree is designed to prepare the student for a career in the field of athletic training/ sports medicine. The major can be completed in 8 semesters of study. The current route to become a BOC certified athletic trainer is through a CAATE accredited athletic training education program. IWU's athletic training education program (ATEP) started in 1988 and is committed to program excellence. This is a competitive program and application alone does not guarantee admittance. Any student designating athletic training as their major is given a pre-athletic training major description which signifies their intent to apply to the program. The application process to this program is a two term process; either fall and spring semester or spring semester and May term. For a traditional student the application process should be started in the fall of the first year of declaring the major, with formal application being due on April 15 of the second term. Transfer students or students changing their major at spring semester are still eligible to apply to the program via the spring semester and May term application process; applications are due by May 15 of the second term. Decisions for program acceptance or denial will be made by the athletic training faculty after the application process is completed and students will be notified by mail.

Transfer Students

A prospective student must declare an interest in athletic training as a chosen field within his/her first year of study. A student beyond his/her freshman year at IWU (e.g., changing majors) will also be considered for the program; however an additional year or two of study may be necessary to satisfy the educational and clinical requirements for CAATE as well as IWU's ATE program. A transfer student may apply certain athletic training courses from another university/college towards our major if the course is acceptable to the ATEP director (e.g., course content, credit hours, and description) and meets all transfer requirements by the Registrar's office. Athletic Training Education Program Application Procedure

All students applying to the IWU ATEP must meet the technical standards of our program. Should accommodations need to be made for the student, the student must contact the athletic training program director and the Center for Student Success. The technical standards for our program are available on the athletic training web site or from the athletic training faculty. Applications are available from the athletic training faculty upon request. If a pre-athletic training student does not gain acceptance into the program on their initial application, they can repeat the application process one additional time or elect to change majors. The following criteria must be met to gain admittance into the athletic training education program as an athletic training student:

  • A formal letter of application stating why you want to apply to the program and why you want to become a certified athletic trainer.
  • Completion of the Indiana Wesleyan University Athletic Training Education Program application, submission of 3 letters of recommendation, technical standards, interview with the athletic training faculty, and a minimum of 150 hours of clinical observation.
  • Completion of all prerequisite coursework with at least a 2.0 GPA (C) or above in each course. A students overall GPA must be a 2.5 or higher.
  • Completion of two consecutive terms of attendance at Indiana Wesleyan University.
  • Commitment to the mission of the university as demonstrated by professional conduct. Apparent interest and motivation, as evidenced by work habits, promptness, etc. Athletic training background through previous high school and/or college-level experience prior to application to the ATEP program is desirable but not required.

Athletic Training Education Program Retention Policy

To remain in the Athletic Training Education Program as an athletic training student, the student must achieve the following standards each semester:

  • Earn at least a 2.0 GPA (C) or above in all required courses within the major
  • Earn at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Be in good standing with the University (e.g., no citizenship probation)
  • Participate in blood borne pathogen training each academic year
  • Maintain CPR-PR/AED certification while enrolled at IWU
  • Show progress through clinical instruction and learning over time
  • Perform all duties assigned to the best of one's ability
  • Show a professional attitude and character in all areas of athletic training, both academic and clinical

Athletic Training Education Program Probation Policy

Any athletic training student within the program may be subject to a probationary status. A probationary status will be assigned if an athletic training student does not abide by the standards of the IWU Athletic Training Education Program as identified in the ATEP Student Handbook. The athletic training program director is the only authority that can administer a probationary status or remove a probationary status within this program. The athletic training program director and athletic training faculty may also remove athletic training students from the program for infractions of divisional and university policies. Athletic training students may not accumulate clinical hours while on probation but may progress through the athletic training major course sequence as advised and approved by the students athletic training academic advisor.

Athletic Training Student Health Policy

Athletic training students must have the appropriate health forms and records on file with the athletic training program director to be considered for admittance to the Athletic Training Education Program. In addition, athletic training students will be required to have the following tests and vaccinations by the start of their first semester in the major (or in process to receive the vaccinations - HBV);

  1. Tuberculin Skin Test. If the TB test is positive, a chest x-ray must be done. A yearly TB test is required and written results are given to the athletic training program director to be added to that student's file. The athletic training student may have this test done at the IWU Health Center.
  2. Hepatitis B Vaccination. Athletic training students are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated with the Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV). A sum of three injections in a six-month period is required for this vaccination. Each injection will vary in cost depending on where you obtain the vaccination. A waiver must be signed and in the athletic training student's permanent file if he/she chooses not to obtain the vaccination.
  3. Physical Examination. Athletic training students will have a physical examination conducted by the team physician. If a student athlete is applying to the ATEP, their pre-participation physical is acceptable for this requirement.


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Athletic Training major requirements for graduation:

  • Complete all athletic training practicum courses along with the credit-hour requirement for those courses.
  • Become certified in CPR-PR/AED and First Aid and maintain that certification while at IWU.
  • Experience upper and lower extremity rotations, as well as an equipment-intensive rotation and general medical rotation.
  • Complete the clinical education instruction plan consistent with the learning-over-time model.

Any questions may be directed to the IWU Athletic Training Education program director:

Adam Thompson, PhD, LAT, ATC
Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington Street
Marion, IN 46953-4974
Phone: 765-677-3482


At Indiana Wesleyan University, the Athletic Training Education program ministers to the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of athletic training students as well as athletes. We are committed to teaching servant leadership and quality health care while integrating our emphasis in Christian development. Our faculty members are recognized leaders in the field of sports medicine. Our program’s philosophy is that each faculty member will not only teach in the core curriculum but also clinically practice with one of our intercollegiate athletic teams.

Jeremy J. Hunt, MD

IWU Team Physician and Medical Director
Dr. Hunt is a primary care sports medicine physician. His undergraduate degree was earned at Ball State University. He earned his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine and completed his Family Practice residency at Ball Memorial Hospital. After his residency, he completed a Sports Medicine Fellowship in the Ball Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine Program. Dr. Hunt is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice and is CAQ certified in Sports Medicine.

Marshall L. Trusler, MD

IWU Orthopedic Consultant
Dr. Trusler is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in injuries and disorders associated with the shoulder and knee. Dr. Trusler earned his undergraduate degree from Purdue University. He attended medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine and completed an internship at the Indiana University Medical Center. His orthopedic training was done at the Indiana University Medical Center. Dr. Trusler received his fellowship training in Sports Medicine from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. After completing his fellowship in 2000, he began his practice in Noblesville, Indiana, and joined Central Indiana Orthopedics in 2007. Dr. Trusler is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

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