Media Communication

Indiana Wesleyan University's Media Communication major or minor has the dual purpose of preparing you for any of a number of careers in media (e.g., television, radio, online) and giving you the broad liberal arts education necessary to achieve success in this rapidly changing industry. You'll gain writing and production skills in multiple media outlets through courses and hands-on experience in television, radio, online news, social media, blogging and podcasts.

Gain practical experience and leadership skills by working for WIWU-TV 51, Grant County's Class-A 24-hour television station committed to local programming. Students work with faculty and staff professionals on local news magazine shows, live basketball games, community telethons, and IWU cultural and worship events.

Take your storytelling to the airwaves on WIWU-FM 94.3 The Fortress. Student managers operate the University's FCC-licensed radio station, which broadcasts to all of Marion and Grant County with contemporary music and local programming.

Many of our Media Communication students broaden their media experience by working for The Sojourn, IWU's award-winning student-managed online and print newspaper. Armed with excellent skills and a broad liberal arts education, IWU Media Communication students land prestigious internships and professional positions.

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Among the diverse possibilities afforded by media work (television, film, radio, journalism, etc.) are content areas and skills all students should master, including history and structures, writing, and production. In addition, students select nine (9) hours in one of two concentrations, based on their area of interest

Production: This concentration recognizes the broader career prospects and leadership opportunities for the student working "behind-the-scenes" in media careers. Courses emphasize off-camera, non-performance aspects of media and theatrical production. In addition to specialized skill courses, the student may also work up to two semesters each with WIWU-TV or WIWU-FM for credit. This puts production experience into an ongoing, real-world, experiential context.

Performance: This concentration is for students wishing to appear on-mic or on-camera in the “talent” positions of media work. It offers specialized training, such as “broadcast performance,” but also recognizes the commonalities in performance skills and thus allows coursework in public speaking and acting. Students may also work up to two semesters each in campus radio or TV for continuing practicum credit.

Division Core Courses


Choose One

COM-116J, COM-116P,COM-116T







Concentrations (Choose One)

PRODUCTION (9 hours)





Acceptance to LAFSC required to complete this concentration

Required   Electives - Choose One  
LAF Hollywood Production Workshop LAF Narrative Storytelling
LAF Faith and Artisitic Development in Film LAF Professional Screenwriting
LAF Internship: Inside Hollywood LAF Professional Acting for Camera
    LAF Independent Film Study





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Elective - CHOOSE ONE



Media Professionals as Mentors

Just as they are committed to academic excellence, IWU professors are committed to helping you perfect your skills as an effective storyteller. Because they have experience as working media professionals, they are experts at putting theory into practice.

Dr. Randall King, director of broadcast media and adviser for WIWU-TV, wrote and reported for local TV stations across the country. Dr. Mark Perry, adviser for WIWU-FM 94.3 The Fortress, did top-notch news and talk for Moody Radio. Dr. Greg Fiebig has nearly 20 years behind the camera to qualify him in photojournalism.

All of our professors have doctoral degrees and extensive professional media experience.

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Randall King; MA, PhD Professor; Communication | Director; Broadcast Media | Division Chair; Communication View Profile
Mark R Perry; MA, PhD Assoc Prof; Communication | Radio Advisor View Profile
Gregory Fiebig; MA, MDiv, PhD Professor; Communication and Theatre View Profile
YoungAh Lee; MA PhD View Profile
Katie Wampler; MA PhD Asst Prof; Theatre | Artistic Director of Theatre View Profile
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